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Leasing Your Property
Tenancy Agreement (or Lease Agreement)

This is a legal contract between you (the landlord) and the Tenant. It lists out the terms of the lease. The lease duration can be 1 year or 2 years, with the option to renew for a further 1 year.

Diplomatic Clause

This clause allows your Tenant to terminate the lease before the end of the lease period. Tenants can usually terminate their lease after 12 months with 2-3 months' written notice to you (the landlord), subject to satisfactory documentary proof of the occupant being transferred or relocated from Singapore to another country, or cessation of employment.


If your property is equipped with air-conditioning, basic kitchen appliances, washing machines/dryer, lighting and drapery, you may describe your property as partially furnished. To qualify as a fully furnished property, you need to also provide moveable furniture in addition to the above items.

Utilities (Water/Electricity/Gas), Phone & Internet

Your Tenant has to apply for water, electricity and gas supply services (if required). He/she also need to apply for the telephone line or broadband services if required. The installation setup and monthly charges for such services are under the Tenant's charge.

Security Deposit

As the landlord, you will generally want a security deposit upon signing of the Tenancy Agreement. When the lease term ends, this is refunded without interest. However, you reserve the right to deduct from the deposit all costs and expenses arising from your Tenant breaching any of the covenants in the contract. Typically, the deposit is one month's rental for every year of lease.

Service/Maintenance Fees

For properties with shared compounds, including condominiums and apartments, the applicable services charges and maintenance fees are usually payable by you (the landlord) and accounted for in the gross rent.


The Tenant is obliged to maintain the leased premises in good order and, carry out minor repairs at his own costs (usually stated in the Tenancy Agreement under a "minor repairs" clause). Only major repairs and maintenance would be your (the landlord's) responsibility. Periodic servicing of the air-conditioning units usually falls under the charge of your Tenant whereas major repair works (including replacement of parts) will be your (the landlord's) responsibility.

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